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Mail Management Suite

Client Spotlight

Internet Solutions

IS currently resells SYNAQ's Mail Management Suite and several of their Clients are already benefiting from this feature-rich, user-friendly and cost-effective solution, guaranteed to complement and enrich the email experience of all businesses, from SME's to larger enterprises.

What do our clients say

Unique all-in-one email solution for businesses


  • Mail Management that Works

    A comprehensive solution to complement and enrich the email experience of all businesses, from SME's to larger enterprises – for all your email requirements, including email branding, email security and email compliance.

  • Mail Management that's Better

    A feature-rich, user-friendly, cost-effective package that will keep your email ecosystem up and running so you can focus on your business.

  • Mail Management that's Smarter

    Our solution is email-agnostic, so it will work with your existing email without requiring additional integration or adaptation.

The SYNAQ Mail Management Suite gives you:

  • Enhanced security for all of your email management.
  • The ability to build a professional and engaging brand Identity.
  • Communication compliance so you can be confident that legal requirements are met.
  • Disaster recovery to be sure you never lose your data.
  • Affordability, as it’s more cost-effective to take on all services at once (rather than implementing them independently).
  • Seamless deployment, integration and management of email services and multiple third-party systems.
  • All-in-one integrated and comprehensive cloud services’ suite of complementary mail solutions guaranteed to improve your clients’ mail experience.
  • The suite of essential cloud services are flexible and scalable to meet your growing needs.
  • Single provider for services and support allow for the delivery of a seamless service and faster issue resolution.
  • Comprehensive and holistic solution through a single provider, allowing for the simplification and reduction of administration overheads and requirements for on-site hardware/infrastructure.

  • All-in-one Mail Management Suite for 5 users

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