Benefits of Joining Our Reseller Programme

Growth, Growth, Growth!

  • Increase revenue and profitability
  • Enjoy healthy, ongoing margins
  • Achieve sales footprint growth
  • Improved access to new competitive markets
  • Grow your service offering with relevant, innovative and exciting products

Robust and Powerful Systems and Infrastructure

  • Large scale and robust infrastructure at the click of a button
  • Benefit from feature rich API’s and speed up your time to market
  • Automated process flows for a more efficient and effective client centric experience

Unique and Tailored Reseller Model – we have it all!

  • Manage your clients and improve your sales cycle through an easy to use Reseller Portal
  • White labelled content to maintain your brand strength and authenticity
  • Pay-as-you-grow billing model
  • A variety of tiers to suite your current and future business roadmap

Leverage the Power of SYNAQ

  • Capitalise on our technical and sales skills, expertise and training options
  • Reseller ready sales and marketing collateral
  • Engaging and collaborative marketing campaigns and incentives

And if that wasn't enough...

We are excited for you to become part of our base of successful resellers that boasts a feature rich service experience which:

  • Uses data at scale where billions of messages and insights are analysed and utilized to tailor the best service experience time and time again
  • Processes an average of 10 million mails a day and uses those data points to provide you and your clients with the best security, communication and collaboration services
  • Rejects millions of mails, currently 62 per second, to give the best security experience
  • Creates new marketing opportunities with beautiful and engaging CI, every time
  • Data is stored locally and is POPI and GDPR-ready

Partnering with SYNAQ

Interested in becoming a SYNAQ reseller? Download our informative How to become a SYNAQ Reseller guide and get started on your journey to delivering exceptional value to your clients.

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