07 December 2023

From Secure to Securer: SYNAQ's 2023 Journey with Privacy-First Email Protection

A landmark year for SYNAQ


This was a landmark year for SYNAQ, marked not only by technological advancements but by strategic business decisions. We've taken significant strides in our commitment to providing top-tier, privacy-first email security solutions, a journey that culminated in the launch of Securemail 3.0. This innovative advancement not only fortified the email security landscape with new innovation but is an expression of our commitment to being a Privacy First Service Provider and protecting client data in an increasingly digital world.

But the technological advancements only tell part of the story. 2023 was also a year of reclamation and autonomy for SYNAQ, as highlighted by a pivotal business move – the buy back of the business from Dimension Data. This strategic decision was more than a shift in ownership; it was a statement of independence and confidence in our vision for the future of email security. The buy back represents a reinvestment in our core values and mission: to occupy the forefront of email security innovation while being a true partner in privacy-first data protection.

2023 also saw the democratisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the public launch of ChatGPT and other AI-driven generative tools. While early adopters are seeing incredible advancements in productivity, the impact of AI on the email threat landscape is undeniable. From increasingly sophisticated and scalable phishing attacks to automated creation of code for malware. SYNAQ has responded in turn, accelerating investment in AI for advanced algorithms, natural language processing and predictive analytics.

In a year filled with challenges and opportunities, SYNAQ has emerged stronger, more resilient, and more focused than ever. We've solidified our position not just as a provider of email security solutions but as a leader and innovator in the field. Join us as we recap the transformative journey of 2023, a year where we went from secure to securer, setting new standards in the industry and paving the way for a safer, more secure digital future.

  1. Launching Securemail 3.0: A New Era in Email Security

    2023 was a groundbreaking year for SYNAQ, heralded by the launch of Securemail 3.0. This advanced version of our flagship email security solution was designed with a simple yet profound goal: to offer unmatched protection against a wide range of email threats while ensuring a seamless user experience and real time insights and reporting analytics.

    Securemail 3.0 saw additional SPAM and Malware feeds to further bolster our heuristics engines, and the deployment of algorithm enhancements to specific features such as LinkShield, Identity Threat Protection (ITP) and Data Leak Prevention (DLP), for a more comprehensive line of defence against the latest threats.

    With enhanced features like improved threat detection algorithms, an intuitive user interface, and seamless integration capabilities, Securemail 3.0 stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in email security.

  2. The Power of Privacy: SYNAQ’s Privacy-First Approach Unveiled

    In an era where data privacy has become paramount, SYNAQ has been a forerunner in integrating a privacy-first approach into our operations and solutions. While a privacy-first approach has become synonymous with regulatory compliance (GDPR and POPIA, for instance), it extends beyond the protection of personal data. It is an approach and mindset that embeds cybersecurity and privacy within your, and by extension, your clients’ organisation to ensure your business’s confidential data is protected by design.

    This year, we doubled down on this commitment, ensuring that every aspect of our service respects and protects the privacy of our clients. From GDPR and POPIA compliance to implementing state-of-the-art encryption methods, processing and solutions, our dedication to privacy is not just a feature – it's the backbone of our service philosophy, making us a trusted partner in an increasingly digital world.

  3. Charting New Paths: The SYNAQ and Dimension Data Journey

    A pivotal moment in 2023 was our strategic buy back from Dimension Data. This move was more than a shift in ownership; it was a bold step towards greater autonomy and innovation.

    The buy back allowed us to realign with our core mission and values and reinvest in our vision of leading the email security industry. It symbolised our independence and reaffirmed our commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of email security solutions.

  4. Investment in Artificial Intelligence

    Our commitment to innovation also found expression in accelerated investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI), leveraging large-scale data analysis and machine learning models to enhance threat detection capabilities.

    By integrating predictive analytics, analysing historical data, user behaviour, and contextual information, our email security solutions identify patterns indicative of malicious activities for early threat detection of phishing attempts, Business Email Compromise (BEC), and account takeovers, mitigating potential damage before they occur.

    As AI-driven email security threats continue to evolve, so too does our commitment to incorporating advanced algorithms, deep learning, and natural language processing techniques for increasingly advanced protection.

  5. Looking Ahead: SYNAQ’s Vision for 2024 and Beyond

    As we move forward, our sights are set on not just maintaining but elevating our status in the email security sector. In the never-ending cat and mouse world of cybersecurity, the upcoming year promises evolving and expanding threats, and we are ready to pre-empt and respond with cutting edge detection and prevention. This includes the expansion of our AI-driven security features and further enhancements to Securemail.

    We will continue to adopt a data-led approach to email security, ensuring that our solutions adapt and respond to the evolving threat landscape, so that our clients are secure in these ever-changing times.

  6. A Year in Numbers: SYNAQ’s 2023 by the Stats

    This year was remarkable not just in achievements but also in numbers. We proudly onboarded new clients, and successfully blocked almost 150 million potential security threats. These figures don't just represent our growth; they embody the trust our clients place in us and our relentless pursuit of excellence in email security.

Wrapping Up: Reflections on a Pioneering Year in Email Security

As we conclude 2023, we reflect on a year marked by significant milestones, technological advancements, and a reinvigorated commitment to our mission. Our journey this year has not just been about securing emails; it's been about forging lasting relationships, driving innovation, and setting new standards in the industry.

At SYNAQ, we're more than just a service provider; we're pioneers, constantly pushing the boundaries to ensure a safer digital future for all. But we could not have done it without our clients, who place their trust and business security in our hands. We are grateful for your continued support and are committed to keeping you secure and productive in 2024 and beyond!

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