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Designing For Yourself

Let me state for the record that I am not, nor is anyone in our Dev team, a formally trained "web designer". Yes, we have skills and talents that have been learned and built upon over time, but no one ever went to a school to learn their "web design" trade. Because SYNAQ is a cloud service provider and our apps are consumed by many different types of users (from highly technical to technically averse) we have tried many different approaches to designing UI's for our web apps. Without going into all the boring details, we have, through a fair degree of pain a suffering, found our own "Design Tao" and what I feel is the simplest philosophy: Design for Yourself. In our case, we always want to be the first "consumers" of our products and always design with what we would like to have/see/do in the forefront of our minds. It makes design decisions a lot simpler and makes the developers a lot happier when we follow this approach. Which is simply: "Do I like it, or does it righteously suck"? If you're constantly worried about all the possible users "out there" one of two things will happen, you'll never release your application or you'll end up driving yourself insane. In the end what you'll have is a product that you, your developers, and your sales people will love. And you know something, I'll bet your customers will love it too.