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  • Unleash the magnificent power of Cloud Mail

    If your business is still running on an old email server, it’s undoubtedly the cornerstone of your company’s IT strategy. Older systems can be challenging to run, expensive to maintain, difficult to scale and are susceptible to power outages, data loss and security breaches. There are major benefits in switching to a cloud-based email service – all you have to do is see them.

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  • Identity Threat Protection to the rescue

    Spam started out as an annoyance and has grown to become an international criminal enterprise. Given that it makes up 45% of all emails, you must be prepared to invest time and money into building the best possible defence against the harm it can cause. And this harm comes not only from spam but other forms of email threats such as viruses and phishing attacks.

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  • Why partner with SYNAQ

    The SYNAQ reseller programme offers all the treats with none of the tricks. You can earn monthly recurring revenue without making a capital investment and taking on significant financial risk – a lucrative prospect indeed.

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  • Drive home your sales message with email branding

    Email remains a highly effective medium for brands to use for marketing purposes. There is an impressive list of reasons why this is the case – it’s inexpensive, widely used and offers detailed measurement metrics. But there is a more subtle element of marketing which lends itself especially well to the medium of email: branding.

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  • How SYNAQ’s email branding service shapes up against the competition

    A professional email appearance creates the right impression of your business – so use a trusted brand and they’ll remember it. Take some time to analyse what you will get with our email branding services.

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  • Cloud mail hosting is ideal for updating your onsite legacy email infrastructure

    Many businesses are feeling the pinch in our challenging economy. Companies that want to keep their budgets in check often find themselves in a difficult position when it comes to replacing technology.

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