Personal information, in terms of Section 11(3) of The Protection of Information Act (POPIA), 2013 (Act No.4 of 2013) grants data subjects the right to request that:

  • their personal information be corrected or deleted in circumstances where such information has become outdated, is not accurate, is incomplete, misleading, or excessive, if it has not been obtained by lawful means, or,
  • object to the processing of their personal information under certain circumstances.

Responsible parties should comply with such a request within a reasonably practicable timeframe and tender proof that the request had been complied with.


  • Download the required form.
  • Fill out all relevant form fields and sign where instructed.
  • Once completed, mail the form to

Data Subject Forms

Objection to Processing of Personal Information


Request for Correction or Deletion of Personal Information or Destruction or Deletion of Record of Personal Information


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