One thing that should never be an afterthought is the digital security of your organisation. Protect your reputation and your bottom line with SYNAQ’s advanced business security solutions.

Benefits of SYNAQ Security

  • Advanced spam detection, 100% virus protection, Identity Threat Protection (ITP) and the only 100% punitive phishing protection SLA against leading banks in South Africa
  • Secure, powerful and user-friendly administration interface
  • Detailed reporting that true insight into email usage, top threats and bandwidth savings across the organisation delivered directly to your inbox
  • No installations – businesses are set-up and protected within 24 hours

Security Packages

Securemail Standard

Securemail bidirectional

Securemail Premium

Securemail bidirectional

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    SYNAQ Securemail

    Increase employee and infrastructure productivity by keeping spam, viruses and phishing attempts away from your email.

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