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Acceptable Use Policy


Acceptable Use Policy

Use of SYNAQ Services is subject to this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). 

If not defined here, capitalized terms have the meaning stated in the applicable contract between Customer and SYNAQ.

You agree not to, and not to allow third parties (including End Users) to use the Service:

  • to generate or facilitate unsolicited bulk email or unsolicited commercial email[1];
  • to violate, or encourage the violation of, the legal rights of others;
  • for any unlawful, invasive, infringing, defamatory, or fraudulent purpose;
  • to intentionally distribute viruses, worms, Trojan horses, corrupted files, hoaxes, or other items of a destructive or deceptive nature;
  • to interfere with the use of the Service, or the equipment used to provide the Service, by customers, authorized resellers, or other authorized users;
  • to alter, disable, interfere with or circumvent any aspect of the Service;
  • to test or reverse-engineer the Service in order to find limitations, vulnerabilities or evade filtering capabilities;

Your failure to comply with the AUP may result in suspension or termination, or both, of the Service pursuant to the Agreement.

[1] Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE), commonly referred to as email SPAM, is defined as Internet mail ("email") that is sent to a group of recipients who have not requested it. A mail recipient may have at one time asked a sender for bulk email, but then later asked that sender not to send any more email; hence any bulk email sent after that request was received, is also UBE. Another term used to describe this form of email is Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE); this may be defined as an electronic promotional message sent to a consumer without the consumer's prior request or consent.