26 February 2018

Why email should still be your first choice when it comes to business

Email has been around for years and although it might be tempting to flirt with other methods of communication, don’t be too quick to trade in email just yet.

It’s still the most trusted method of communication in the workplace.

Projections indicate that the number of email users will continue to grow over the next few years from the current 2.6 billion to 2.9 billion in 2019, meaning that more than a third of the global population will be email users. And the number of emails, including consumer and business emails, is expected to grow to more than 264 billion emails a day in 2019. Email is still the accepted professional platform for external communication. So isn’t it time you thought of getting serious about your relationship with your email management solution?

SYNAQ Cloud mail offerings have many attractive features compared with server options – they are less complex, require minimal maintenance and are more cost-effective. Using the cloud makes information more accessible and your workforce more mobile. It safeguards your information in case of a server crash and even allows for better collaboration.