30 April 2018

Top 5 "Fool-ish" mistakes users make that compromise their email security

Don’t let a silly slip-up compromise your email account. We’ve put together five useful tips that will help you to keep it locked down and safe from the tricksters.

  1. Always use separate passwords for all your email accounts, always. (If a hacker cracks your personal account password that same person could potentially gain access to your work email account using the same password or vice versa).
  2. Avoid using Public or Free Wifi Access points for accessing email. Often these networks are not very secure and could have malware installed on the networking hardware that could read your email password "over the air" Try and use your mobile service providers 3g/4g networks instead.
  3. Always ensure that your mail access is over secure SSL protocols. Use HTTPS, POP3/s, IMAP/s, SMTP/s when configuring your email apps on mobile and desktop. This will ensure that all sending and receiving of email data as well as your username and password is encrypted and unreadable by hackers.
  4. Always run some sort of local virus and malware scanner on any device you use to access emails. This includes laptops, tablets and cell phones. No mail provider can ever guarantee 100% protection on all emails and it is always good to have local detection to detect mails that the mail provider has not detected.
  5. This one may sound cheesy but, always lock your devices when you are not in front of them. Leaving devices unlocked and unsecured can allow anyone access to your mail.