26 March 2018

SYNAQ's technology continues to evolve

If you think about an email account as a house with a locked door, a password is the key to everything inside.

Login requirements are the rule across protocols and devices, which means they are all vulnerable to what is known as a “brute force attack”. This entails hackers guessing password after password, essentially trying a range of generic “keys” to see if one fits.

As we continuously stress, SYNAQ takes security extremely seriously, and in order to ensure that your account always remains secure we have built many hidden layers of protection that the end-user never notices. These systems are always vigilant, and using some very advanced and automated technology developed in-house, it ensures that we keep the bad guys out.

The SYNAQ Gatekeeper system has successfully defeated thousands of brute force attacks to date, across all access methods (Web, Mobile, POP3, IMAP, and SMTP etc.), and all these attacks have been defeated without affecting the experience of our users.

As attacks on our user-base continue to evolve, so does the SYNAQ technology that stops them. It's a never-ending fight, but we are committed to making sure it's a fight we always win.