09 April 2020

Look to become a trusted adviser

Good businesses focus on consistently increasing their revenue, ensuring that support and after-sales service tickets are quickly resolved, and minimising costs. Great businesses, on the other hand, focus on the customer.

They understand that the customer is the centre of their business. This customer-oriented business is well-informed about their customer base, which helps with designing and redesigning strategies, and ensures that their journey is as effortless as it can be. This helps to make the organisation an efficient company to do business with – and customers love that.

That, however, doesn’t always happen in this economy. With pressures to reduce costs and increase revenue, businesses sometimes fail to take a customer-centric approach without even realising it. Processes and procedures are redesigned to minimise waste and drive a lean environment, but that only matters if you pass the benefits to your customer. Sales should not be driven to maximise revenue with little thought for the customer’s needs.

“The customer is king”, and “the customer is always right” are common sayings. The customer is your reason for being, the customer ultimately pays your salary and determines your business success. But with ever-more complex yet useful technology being designed and released for the B2B world, the customer requires ever-greater hand-holding when deploying or using this technology. Success relies on both the customer and you, so this is where I disagree that the customer is always right.

The role of the company is to provide the best customer experience possible, but the company also has the responsibility to ensure that the customer receives accurate advice during their journey. Remember, the customer won’t always be an expert on the subject matter and therefore needs guidance from their technology partner. The onus on the company is to create transparency and build trust with the customer. The role of the trusted adviser should be aspired to.

This is where great business values should be remembered and come alive. SYNAQ has always kept the customer at the forefront of every decision and our company values are a reminder of the customer’s importance: “Stay Curious, Be Courageous and Earn Trust”.

The need to “Stay Curious” translates directly back into the product value we offer customers. When we allow ourselves to be curious, it creates a culture of innovation. This means that we at SYNAQ are consistently looking at creating more value for our customers.

The importance of “Be Courageous” means that we can constantly challenge ourselves. It also means that we have a safe space to be able to challenge our customers to seek a better solution/environment for their organisation.

In my view, the value of “Earn Trust” is the most important. When we seek trust, we ensure that our resellers and customers are aligned in viewing us as their trusted adviser or trusted partner. It also enables the other two values to be more effective in the extended environment.

The customer is king, but the responsibility lies with us to educate and enable them.

By Pravir Rai - Head of Sales

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