28 March 2018

Here's why we think now is a good time to partner up

The start of a new fiscal year might not be worth celebrating with fireworks, but accountants must be relieved to know that their busiest period is over.

Now is the best time for business owners and entrepreneurs to strategise, shuffle portfolios and pursue new ventures. If you’ve had any designs on partnering with SYNAQ as a reseller, now is the ideal time to do it.

Becoming a reseller early in the fiscal year will alleviate tax-related headaches and give you a clearer picture of the fiscal performance of your venture come March 2019.

We can have you up and running in no time and our pay-as-you-grow model means that you won’t have to make upfront investments in infrastructure. You can leverage ours instead as you earn recurring revenue and grow your business organically. We also have sales collateral and client support to help you on your path to success.