12 September 2019

Email branding and marketing will grow your business

Email marketing is no longer a novel concept, but it is still an effective strategy.

It is an inexpensive way to get your marketing message to your audience and ultimately grow your business through conversational interactions. It provides an opportunity to target the right audience with the right message, making it a powerful tool when used correctly.

Email as a marketing tool

The wrong kind of email marketing is annoying and belongs in the spam folder. It tends to be uninspired, untargeted, and shouts at its audience. It’s true that marketers today need to work harder to stand out from the clutter, but this can be done by delivering real value. Marketing mails that achieve this are still effective at increasing brand exposure and product awareness. Well-considered email newsletters with relevant content are still read, clicked on and shared extensively.

Because email is a paperless medium, it is a more cost-effective means of marketing than snail mail (with environmental benefits to boot). Spammers have taken full advantage of that and abused the practice by treating it purely as a numbers game, which is self-defeating in the long run.

Building brand awareness

Every time someone opens a mail from your business, your brand elements should be there. This includes your company logo and tagline, your colour palette and brand graphics. Building these into the template of your mails will ensure the consistency needed to build brand awareness and recognition.

There is also an opportunity to use email branding to market your business with mails sent by any staff member in daily correspondence – an opportunity that many businesses neglect. Creating a footer template that includes brand elements allows you to build brand awareness with every mail that is sent out.

Earning credibility

The importance of earning credibility with prospective clients cannot be understated, and email is an excellent way to do that. Consistently sharing helpful and informative content will foster an image of expertise and a willingness to engage. Having a clean, polished layout that is easy to navigate will also contribute to a sense of professionalism. Marketers should seize an email as an opportunity to put their brand’s best foot forward.

Targeted emails

To achieve a higher open rate on marketing emails, it is best to know who you’re sending them to. The recommended approach is to segment your database and tailor your emails to speak directly to a smaller and more focused group that is likely to be more receptive to your sales message.

To achieve the most professional look and feel on your business’s branded emails and to take full advantage of daily opportunities to grow brand awareness, consider employing a proper email branding solution.

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