19 September 2018

Drive home your sales message with email branding

Email remains a highly effective medium for brands to use for marketing purposes.

There is an impressive list of reasons why this is the case – it’s inexpensive, widely used and offers detailed measurement metrics. But there is a more subtle element of marketing which lends itself especially well to the medium of email: branding.

Keep it consistent

The importance of brand consistency should never be overlooked, and yet it often is. This is because branding is one of the less distinguishing aspects of marketing and operates on a deeper level. It’s best illustrated with brands that have mastered it. A television ad from a leading fast food franchise will have elements that clearly mark it as an ad for that chain – the colours, the interior of the restaurant, the style of the writing on the screen, and often the actors themselves.

These elements are used to tie the brand’s messaging together across every medium used so that the brand is recognisable at a glance, whether the advertisement is in a magazine, on TV, or online. Consistency in branding implies a consistent level of quality and helps to make the brand feel more dependable since consumers tend to trust the brands they are familiar with.

Email is rich with branding opportunities. Consider for a moment how many emails are sent daily by all staff members in your business, many of which will be read by prospective clients. The plain-text email signatures and the white space at the top of the message are perfect places to insert your brand elements. With properly branded emails, you can create consistency across all email communications, delivering that same sense of comfortable brand familiarity to your clients’ inboxes.

Make email branding work

There are a few areas which require some focus if you want to effectively represent your brand through email. Firstly, your template must be well considered and consistent. Use the same layout as far as possible, and keep to your brand’s colours and fonts. Be sure to stick to your brand’s tone of voice, and try to carry it in the subject line of the email and the body.

Your email signature is extremely important and can deliver a powerful punch at the end of your message. Include contact details but be careful not to make it cluttered, and be sure to include buttons that link to the social media channels where your brand is the most active. You also need a compelling call to action (CTA) that’s brief, clear, bold and clickable. Your CTA will play a key role in driving conversions, encouraging readers to take the next step to connect with your brand.

Banners also work well, especially if your business is conducting a campaign. A banner should contain your brand elements, a compelling CTA, and should be clickable. It should ideally link to a landing page for the promotion.

Ensure consistency

Keeping all these elements consistent across your business takes control. For that, you need an email branding service that gives you centralised management at server level, allowing you to manage the design of all the mail signatures and built-in banners across your business. With such a tool, you will never have to worry about staff making their own alterations.

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