29 May 2018

Businesses must be on the alert for these top 4 cybersecurity trends

Matthew Gyde, Dimension Data Group Executive, Cybersecurity, identifies four key trends in cybersecurity that businesses should be mindful of:

1. Zero-trust security returns

In the past, it was normal for IT teams to prohibit the use of non-corporate-issued devices and applications. Now, a modernised “zero trust” model needs to accommodate individual preferences. Gyde recommends implementing a cloud-based system to avoid delays as this allows for a quicker authentication and verification process.

2. Deception technologies

Organisations are turning to deception technologies to raise their defences in the face of the risks faced by IoT-connected sensors on operational technology devices. Deception technologies create thousands of fake credentials on an organisation’s network to make it mathematically impossible for cybercriminals to gain access to a legitimate set of user identities. Gyde predicts that deception technologies will play a bigger role in maintaining security for IoT infrastructure.

3. Robo-hunters

AI-enabled automated threat-seekers, dubbed robo-hunters, continually scan an organisation’s environment for any changes that might indicate a potential threat. These businesses can learn from what they discover and take action, such as isolating a bad packet or compromised device. Organisations are increasingly employing them to automate threat-hunting cycles.

4. Blockchain disruption

The cybersecurity applications of Blockchain will allow organisations to increase the security for user authentication and identity. It can make a digital ledger of all transactions. This ledger is transparent, accessible and is capable of detecting suspicious online behaviour and isolating the connection, essentially implementing a zero trust policy.