27 July 2022

Always answer yes to the question: "Are my emails securely stored and only accessible to me?"

Securely store your important emails with SYNAQ Archive

For Education, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Legal and Professional Services, securely storing emails is crucial to your operation and future. And preventing them from being compromised in any way is vital too. So we developed SYNAQ Archiving, the most protected and compliant way to store all your email communication in the cloud where it's completely tamper-proof.

SYNAQ Archive helps businesses with litigation, discovery, regulatory compliance, storage management, information availability, data retention, and business continuity.

With SYNAQ Archiving you get:

  • A complete cloud-based service
  • Ironclad security ensures archived mail is safe from spam, phishing, and email-borne viruses
  • Cross-platform compatibility with Office 365, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange and all popular mail services
  • POPI & GDPR Compliant (E-Discovery & Legal Hold)

Download the SYNAQ Archiving Brochure, here

Delivered as a cloud service and supported 24/7 by our local engineers, you can enjoy total peace of mind that your email archive is protected and compliant. Businesses of various sizes rely on SYNAQ Archive to securely archive millions of emails for long-term retention. SYNAQ Archive is compatible with all popular email systems to archive all incoming, outgoing, and internal emails seamlessly.

Even with all the work communication apps available, email volumes are growing tremendously. Most IT managers are concerned about the growing storage needs of their organisation. If your organisation has 25 employees who send 20 emails daily, that’s 78 000 emails in 6 months. Do you have the on-premises storage facilities for that kind of data? Even large companies don’t.

Add the value of business-sensitive information in those emails, and their value and importance skyrockets.

As South African telecommunications law governing digital communication continues to evolve, SYNAQ gives businesses, bound by legislation and compliance requirements, peace of mind around email data integrity for accountability, auditing, and discovery purposes. Highly scalable search technology is available via our simple-to-use web interface, allowing auditors and employees to search and retrieve their archived emails in seconds.

End-User Benefits

  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Search and retrieve capability produces results in seconds
  • Advanced discovery supports searches within multiple attachment types (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, RTF, PDF and ZIP)
  • All legacy inbound, outbound and internal communications at your fingertips
  • Secure Email Functionality - encrypted archived emails using triple DES encryption and stored in their isolated application instance

Administrator Benefits

  • Painless data ingestion from existing email servers
  • All business-critical emails are securely archived
  • Multiple email system support
  • Tamper-proof email archive with an audit trail of all system activities

Financial Benefits

  • Reduced storage needs
  • Pay-as-you-grow with a scalable archiving solution
  • Only pay for the service you need

Download the SYNAQ Archiving Brochure here SYNAQ Archive | SYNAQ

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