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Our Service Philosophy

We are driven to perform by living out our service philosophy

Our Service Philosophy

We measure ourselves by these values to ensure we make a difference to our clients, partners and community:

  • Deliver a rocking impression through service

    we believe that rocking service is about going beyond the norm and making a positive emotional impact on our customers through our service

  • Small things matter 

    because they contribute to the overall SYNAQ experience and performance.

  • Make a difference 

    we encourage our team to contribute to the lives of the community with a focus on positive improvement and impact

  • Lead by example 

    we are encouraged to take ownership of our behaviour, challenges and inspire our colleagues, clients and community to be better

  • Try new things 

    as a growing company, change is our constant and something we embrace. By welcoming the unknown we encourgae our team to try the unconventional, push themselves beyond the tested and strive for "newness"

  • Celebrate your inner geek 

    we identify our passions and uniqueness and, strive to become experts in areas beyond the business requirements

  • Do more with less 

    we are fully committed to maximising our resources and to use them in smarter ways

  • Always do your best 

    we put our best effort into everything we do and constantly challenge our best to ensure we continue to grow in all areas of SYNAQ