Our Values

Earn Trust
Stay Curious
Be Courageous

Why Choose SYNAQ?

Immediate access to a highly skilled team of experts

SYNAQ engineers are passionate about technology and constantly push themselves to keep abreast of advances in technology. We work in a highly competitive environment that encourages each team member to strive for excellence and sharpen their skills with the latest training and certifications. We are always committed hiring the best engineers and allowing you to have access to that pool of knowledge and expertise.

A rocking customer experience

“Rocking our Clients” is our mantra. We strive to achieve this with each customer engagement by offering flexible service support solutions suitable for any business and always aim for world-class standards.

Affordable solutions

Linux, combined with open-source software and a “pay for what you use” philosophy, enables SYNAQ to deliver substantial cost savings to our customers compared with alternative cloud, outsourced models and proprietary software.

Uncapped all-inclusive support model

Our monthly support charge is all-inclusive, which means that you won’t receive unexpected surprises when you require additional support at any given time. This allows you to manage your cash flow and expenditure with confidence.

Enjoy true peace of mind

Proactive monitoring, preventative maintenance, built-in redundancy and following IT best practices mean that our solutions will ensure that your business is well looked after.

Support is only a call away

Enjoy world-class service with homegrown support. Our experts are always only a call or email away and ready to assist.

Trusted by South African businesses

We’ve been trusted to improve the IT environment of many top businesses nationwide since 2004 and continue to enjoy relationships from small to ISP-level businesses.

Focus on productivity while we focus on your IT

Free-up your resources and increase business productivity by letting SYNAQ focus on managing, maintaining and supporting your business-critical technology through the cloud.