What can be achieved in 24 hours?

24 hours doesn't seem like much time, but to Counter Terrorist Unit Agent Jack Bauer it's just about enough time to save the world (or at least America) from an imminent terrorist attack. At SYNAQ, we're embarking on a similar mission (well not quite). Inspired by the guys at Atlassian with their 'FedEx days', the team at SYNAQ are about to embark on their first SYNAQ24 day.

The idea is quite simple, 24 hours for anyone and everyone to work on whatever they want - literally. Whether it be a new gaming server, a new product feature, a new idea, painting a wall or simply fixing something in the office that frustrates the living daylight out of you. SYNAQers are allowed to choose any "project" that they like, can work on their own and / or in a team and have to complete the project in 24 hours or less. The only requirement is that whatever they've worked on will be presented to the rest of the team the next day.

What innovations will come out of this 24 hour sprint? Well, I'm not entirely sure but am excited by the general buzz in the office with people discussing possible ideas, soliciting people to join their project and the general uncertainty of what will be done! We'll be live blogging the entire event starting tomorrow at 08:00.

Will we save the world from an imminent terrorist attack? Well, you'll all just have to stay tuned to find out.

SYNAQ 24, Series 1, Episode 1 airs Thursday 13th @ 08:00

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